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MusicStory is a product of Ariodante Media Ltd      

Copyright @Ariodante Media Ltd

What if we invite you to discover MusicStory “behind the scene”? Some secrets of the making-of of the World’s Fist E-Learning Music Gaming Platform to learn how everything start, why do we start and be the first to know some of the secrets of this fantastic journey though music.

Meet the MAESTRO and see some of the sketches VJ Choolun draw to create some of the characters of MusicStory.

Discover how everything started and how we manage to design the most complete music gaming platform and, of course embrace why MusicStory will  soon transform and revolutionize how music is delivered ins schools and who this new gaming platform will help you!

Ready for the tour?

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Ricardo Araújo, creator of MusicStory tells us about his dream and how and international conductor and composer suddenly start thinking to create an E-Learning PlatformOrigins.html
Meet the star and learn how we create THE MASTRO of MusicStory.
We invite you to discover how VJ and Ricardo made this cute little man.The_MAESTRO.html
We are all curious about whats behind the curtain and back stage. 
Now, you can come with us and see, little by little how MusicStory is made.Making-of.html
Surveys and people behind them.
Discover the reality of today’s music education and like us, you will believe we have to do something to change this.Research.html
Once upon a time.... an artist who start dreaming to bring music to everyone.
This how everything happen and meet the people behind MusicStoryThe_MAESTRO.html