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MusicStory is a product of Ariodante Media Ltd      

Copyright @Ariodante Media Ltd

MusicStory Complete Curriculum Compliance
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Of course, MusicStory fits in the National Music Curriculum of several countries.

As an UK based company we start design an E-Learning Platform who could really teach all the UK National Music Curriculum but then we wanted to give much more to our students.

Today we are proud to have a tool able to fit into many Curriculums but most of all, able to be used also in Music Schools.

MusicStory can prepare you for the ABRSM exams (theory) and also help students to achieve the first levels of high level Music Schools


We help want to help you

We think it’s important to give teachers all the tools they can need and a full CURRICULUM COMPLIANCE is a priority for us.

All MusicStory is designed to fit into what Educational Departments of many countries ask to schools. To do this we spoke with several people in charge of the elaboration of music curriculums an, most of all with many teachers all over the world.

Now it’s up to you to use MusicStory in order to make your lessons and leave us the “boring part” of fitting into the compliances of National Educations Departments.

To give you an idea of how MusicStory is a full Curriculum Compliance E-Learning Platform you can download here the example of MusicStory and the UK National Curriculum. 

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