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MusicStory The Comprehension Module
All the Live Concerts of the LVA Orchestra at home
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Module Overview

Final Goal:

            Improve the music culture and the comprehension of music to appreciate it.

Interaction with:

            All the modules

Special level:-

Particular Options:

            Challenge other players

Interaction with the LVA

Musical skills:


General skills:

            Concentration, analysis and logic, memory, ears, culture

Learning music with the best musicians

MusicStory not only brings an orchestra to you house for a season of amazing concerts but we also bring you the artists to make you discover the music.

Each year MusicStory will broadcast all the concert season of the London Virtuosi Academy Chamber Orchestra and will take you behind the scene so you can meet the artists and watch them working.

We’ve prepared a complete lesson to allow you to know everything about each concert program so you can enjoy the concert in a better way.

And after each concert, we will take you to a small funny tour though the concert you just watch to know what you learned.

Never before a professional orchestra has been involved in a such close partnership with music education.

The LVA as a teacher! Assist to the live concerts of the orchestra over the Internet and learn about the programs.

Watch with all your family and/or friends the concerts of a high level London based Orchestra and get a VIP access to the backstage.

With MusicStory you will be able to know all about the concert program, to assist to some parts of the rehearsals, to have a special access to the artists and, after the concert, MusicStory will propose you a funny Quiz about the concert you just watch.