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MusicStory The Conductor Module
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Module Overview

Final Goal:

            Learn and understand how the orchestra works, and what a conductor is and how he works

Interaction with:

            All the modules

Special level:-

Particular Options:

            Challenge other players

Musical skills:

            Work of the orchestra,  orchestra sections, role of each player, tune instruments, make instruments play together, strong reading notes and rhythmic skills

General skills:

            Concentration, analysis and logic, memory, ears, dexterity, anticipation

It seems like something impossible right?

We agree, it was not easy to create this unusual module but we did it because we want you to become the best musician ever!

Thanks to the partnership with the London Virtuosi Academy Chamber Orchestra and the talent of their musicians we are proud to say MusicStory is the first app able to make you become a conductor.

After master many of the levels of our E-Learning Platform you will finally unlock this special module where you will become that mysterious guy with the baton.

What is he doing? How the musicians understand what he is doing? Do they even need that guy moving his arms in front of them?

Now YOU will become this “mysterious guy with the baton” and you will find all the answers to your questions.

How many of us have at least once dreamed to conduct an orchestra? MusicStory can make this dream become a reality.

In association with the London Virtuosi Academy (LVA) everyone, after complete some of the levels of the previous modules can become the conductor of the orchestra.

Learn about the sections of the orchestra, be part of the rehearsals, tune the instruments, find and correct the mistakes of the players and finally, conduct a professional orchestra.