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MusicStory Learn while having fun
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Allow us to take you on a tour through MusicStory and make you discover why Music Education will never be the same once you start playing with us.

Just follow the arrows at the bottom of each page or use the menu on the left.

At the end, we invite you to visit the MusicStory’s BackStage with some interesting things about us and..... to play some puzzle games.

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Discover some functionalities you will be able to have when playing MusicStory.

Follow the MAESTRO, your new teacher on a fun and amazing journey and see how easy it is to learn music.

All you need to do is to play and of course ... to play even more ... and more, and soon, you will be able to read the notes easily, master the rhythm, have a good trained ear, be able to sing many  songs of your favorite artists and so much more.

Now your dream to become a musician can be reality by playing all MusicStory’s educative and funny games so ... should we begin?

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