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MusicStory Really works!
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We’ve seen the amazing results the MusicStory Methodology can produce.

Several teachers tested some of our games and after just 3 lessons they can see better results than after 2 months!

Because we are experimented teachers MusicStory is just the result of years of experience and here is what other teachers saw by using some of our games.

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This are the results several teachers got when they use our gaming methods

Tested by

13 private piano teachers (several countries)

Number of students: 51 (from 5 to 16 years old, all beginners)

2 “Eveil musical” teacher of a Paris conservatory

Number of students: 2 classroom of 14 and 9 kids (from 4 to 6 years old)

February to June 2014


Learning the notes

All the teachers notice that children memorize easily the notes and are able to read the first 10 notes after 8 lessons (even less for many of them of them)

After 8 lessons all the kids were able to read all the notes even mixing them.

They were able to recognize and write them in the right place and play it on the piano.

Teachers notice the reading is highly improve as well as kids learn much faster the notes

They notice also that kids made less mistakes once they practice the MusicStory method during 8 lessons.

Teachers believe that, once those kids will be able to practice daily with the Reading Notes Module they will improve a lot their reading skills and it will help them to advance faster in their piano lessons.

By using the MusicStory Reading Notes method kids are having fun and they are able to have a better  concentration during the lesson.

Teachers report many times kids had the feeling the lesson was too short, which means they enjoy it.

The method design to learn and master the concepts of “sharp and flat” was also successful.

Kids where able to understand easily and then, by practicing they were all able to master the concept very well.



The method design to help players master the musical pitch was difficult to test it without the app.

Once the 4 teachers were able to use it, the results were good.

Kids had fun when they play the game MusicStory design to master the musical pitch.

It was really helpful for teachers to help kids understanding the rhythm and values of the notes on the second step.


The games we tested with all those teachers show us the method we design is fun and most of all get good results.

Kids are able to divide a pitch easily, to reproduce a rhythm by ear and to understand the values of the notes.

Play with friends:

We test 2 rhythm games design to be played with friends in a classroom. Kids had to challenge their classmates with 2 different games (one of them is showed on the demo video of MusicStory)

The results were great.

Kids enjoy it a lot and they had a lot of fun. Half of the time laughing.

The “challenging concept” produce excellent results and most of all a great playful atmosphere in the classroom.

As an educational tool, it was also a success because kids were able to succeed all the challenges and improve really well their rhythmic skills.

The 3rd time the teacher use this “play with friends” method, Ricardo Araujo, creator of MusicStory was present to see the results of the method in a very young kids classroom.


Some piano teachers tested 2 games of this module with a good success.

It was also tested with the very young kids in a classroom. Here, the results where even better because it was not related with the piano.

The first game of the Ears training Module was the first tested in the classroom.

Kids were able at the end of the first lesson to have a better concentration (75% of them at least) but most of all, they were able to recognize the sounds and isolate them.

After 3 lessons, they were all able to do this and they all master this game.

We tested also the first real musical game of this module.

At the end of the lesson, every kid was able to sing on tune one note.

The teacher never had a such good and fast results with the methods she was using before. 

Thanks to those MusicStory games she was able to improve her students musical skills a lot.


We test 3 of the first games of the module with some kids (7 to 11 years old) once they were able to read all their notes.

We test the following chapters:

1- Alterations

2- Fifths cycle

3- Tonality

Despite the 2nd and 3rd chapter were in theory too complicate for those students (only 3 months playing the piano) they were all able to understand and succeed the games and challenges their teacher did with them.

According of one of the teachers who test those games, kids start learning and understanding this usually after 2 or 3 years of lessons.  He was really impress to see his students were all able to understand and do those exercises after just some months.

Now it’s your turn to test MusicStory and see by yourself all you can do by using our E-Learning Platform in your school.

MusicStory is a product of Ariodante Media Ltd      

Copyright @Ariodante Media Ltd

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