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MusicStory The E-Learning Platform
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MusicStory is a product of Ariodante Media Ltd      

Copyright @Ariodante Media Ltd

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So what is all about?

Our main goal is to show everyone, kids and adults that it is possible to learn music up to an advance level and have fun at the same time.

At home or at school your music lessons will never be the same with MusicStory!

We have created a whole new way to use the most advanced technology  to combine it with art, music and education so everyone will be able to use it and (why not?) even become a great musician.


Why is MusicStory unique?

During months we have been working hard to design the structure of a revolutionary E-Learning Platform who is not only a set of games to make people repeat the same thing over and over again.

Thanks to the long experience of the creator of MusicStory we truly believe that every person is different and have different needs when it comes to learning.

This is why we created an educational tool which is able to understand each player’s needs and adapt itself to the difficulties the player is facing. In this way MusicStory can transform the learning process into a more pleasant experience.

But we also believe in the amazing benefits games can bring to education and to change the learning perception to make it easier.

This is why we design dozens of games adapted to each subject we want to teach so the player will not even notice he is improving his skills and learning while he is “just” playing.

We also believe that the best way to learn efficiently and to get good results is to start from the begining and many times this means, starting even before what we believe is the “first lesson”.

We need to train our brain, our concentration, our internal ear and our basic motor abilities to be able to learn easily something what only may seem is simple. We’ve seen the amazing results teachers can get with even very small kids when they use our method.

Last but not least, we designed a special tool: PLAY WITH FRIENDS to allow everyone to have fun by playing many games with their friends, relatives, teachers and even challenging other people all over the world.

Music is a living art and this is why we want to make the learning process a fun experience so it will become what it really should be: A PLEASURE!