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And help us talking, twitting, posting and convincing schools and teachers to join the adventure MusicStory

Because music is a collective adventure and a living art, we want to build the biggest community of ambassadors of MusicStory we can, all over the world.

Do you have any friends or relatives who love music? then talk with them and make them discover MusicStory.

Are you involved with any primary or secondary school or you know someone who is? Then talk with them and make them join MusicStory and receive a full 1 year license for all the students of the school and the teacher. All they have to do is to register with us and use all the functionalities of MusicStory.

Do you know some music teachers ? Well then show them MusicStory and get them on board and join all the teachers who already believe on MusicStory.

Do you know maybe some JOURNALISTS? Then show them the MusicStory adventure and convince them to contact us and write and talk about us in their articles, radio or TV programs but also blogs and everywhere.

And of course, speak about us! Join our FACEBOOK page, our TWITTER page and share with everyone our posts and Tweets and talk about us in your blogs and with all your friends.

And if you are ready to be even more that all that then join our volunteer teams in different cities and participate in the future street marketing campaigns we will launch at the end of the summer 2015 for a lot of fun.

And of course, become one of our donators and help us to achieve our dream to bring music education to millions of people across the world.

All you need to do is to subscribe to our monthly NEWSLETTER and if you want, send us an email telling us how you would like to help us

All together we can make a difference

Become a part of the MusicStory adventure and help us to make music with everyone

How can you become a part of MusicStory?
This is the begining of a new adventure and, with your help we will be able to bring MusicStory to even more kids and adults to allow them to discover, learn and enjoy music.
Today you can take part of our new CROWDFUNDING INITIATIVE and support us by helping us with the amount you which so we can launch MusicStory  earlier and add a lot of fantastic tools we’ve been imagining.
Your support will also help us to develop MusicStory in more languages and bring this E-Learning platform to even more countries, most of all countries in Africa, Central and South America and Asia.
 And how about been INTO MusicStory?
Yes!! You can be one of the characters of the History Module of MusicStory!
We create several rewards according on the amount you wish to contribute and for some of the rewards is to include your caricature (or someone you love) into the Historic Module. YOU CHOOSE THE HISTORIC PERIOD WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.
Imagine the surprise of your friends when they will find you in the game!
And how if we could make you become a music star?
Join us and contribute to the success of MusicStory and.... compose a song for us.
You can be an amateur musician who dream to become the next music star or a professional musician who want the start a wonderful career. For any of you we want to promote you and include your song in the KARAOKE level of the Singing Module so thousands.... sorry, millions of players all over the world will learn how to sing your music and who knows what could happen then.
So join us today and become part of the MusicStory adventure and lets all together launch the best E-Learning platform ever!Funding_MusicStory.htmlArtists_Promotion.htmlArtists_Promotion.htmlFunding_MusicStory.htmlFunding_MusicStory.htmlshapeimage_19_link_0shapeimage_19_link_1shapeimage_19_link_2shapeimage_19_link_3shapeimage_19_link_4
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