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MusicStory The History Module
A Fantastic journey through music history
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Module Overview

Final Goal:

            Learn the music history and the different styles

by becoming the main actor of the music history

Interaction with:

            All MusicStory

Particular Options:

            Challenge other players

Musical skills:

            Comprehension of music styles and of the main composers

General skills:

            History, Geography, Literature, Arts

Number of levels:

            More than 100

A young conductor is preparing himself for his concert...

Dressed in a tailcoat, he finds in his dressing room a large and strange object with lots of little wheels (watch-type object) and buttons.

Intrigued, he looks at the object and touches some of its buttons...  suddenly, the machine sets off.

It is a time machine and by activating it the conductor try to stop it but the machine takes him into time corridors...

During the journey the machine begins to break, and its pieces start flying everywhere.

Finally, the conductor finds himself in prehistorical age and he is still dressed in his tailcoat.

« - What can I do now? The machine has broken into thousand of pieces!! …  How am I going to go back?’….

The conductor will be have to retrace the history (of music) as fast as he can and recover all parts of the machine in order to repair it and be able to arrive to his concert on time.

« - But where are the pieces? » …

While breaking, the parts of the machine were scattered in all periods of history.

We will have to look everywhere to find them! 

… The game can now begin » ….

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MusicStory’s HISTORY MODULE is a free to play educational game of a new type.

With this HISTORY MODULE you will become the main protagonist of the hole history of music and it will be your choices how will take you forward through the history of music by discovering, wile you play, the fundamental concepts of music and all the history of music.

Having fun

MusicStory does not approach history in a conventional way.

MusicStory tells the history through different historical anecdotes and allow the player to become an active ‘actor’ and not just a ‘passive’ spectator.

MusicStory is designed as a huge ‘treasure hunt’ across the history of music, starting from the prehistorical age and finishing in present times including also musics from Asia, America, Africa and Oceania (adventure game)

During their journey across the history of music, players will solve riddles, collect items, make instruments, help the well-known composers and live with them and also play a lot of fun games.


MusicStory is also an educational game.

The player will have the opportunity to live and be part of the different moments of the history of music and follow its evolution through the ages.

Thanks to mini-games mentioned before, the player will learn and understand how music is made. He will acquire, level by level, a better understanding and perception of music.

It is by creating a strong link between the player and the protagonists of the history that MusicStory will educate and sensitize game users to the music all over the world.