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MusicStory The How it Works Module
All the Music Theory with a lot of fun
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Module Overview

Final Goal:

            Learn music bases, understand the harmony and counterpoint, musical forms and initiation to music composition

Interaction with:

            Reading Notes game

         Rhythm game

         Ear Training game

         History Time Line

Special level:

            Composing songs

Particular Options:    -

Musical skills:

            Music Grammar, Music comprehension and analysis

General skills:

            Concentration, analysis and logic, memory.

Know all the secrets of music

How a composer is able to put different sounds together and make something beautiful with this? How is it possible to put two instruments to play different melodies at the same time and it sounds amazing?

All this is the science of composers and now you too can become a composer by learning all this.

What is a scale and how it works?

What is the counterpoint?

If you ask those questions to some “old fashioned” music teachers they will answer that you need first to study music for years to be able to understand something like this. Not us!

We want to share with you the “philosopher's stone” of musicians: The Harmony and Counterpoint. Not by making it complicate and “obscure” but simple and accessible.

Learn all about the musical grammar and the main concepts that you will need for a better appreciation of music.

With the HOW IT WORKS MODULE the main musical concepts will be now explained in a easy and funny way to give the chance to everyone to start composing melodies and even songs.

The principles of harmony, the science of voice leading, a preview of the counterpoint, all this and even much more will be shown in this module full of videos, exercises and explanations.