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MusicStory How can I use it in my classroom?
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Transform your classroom into a playful space or use MusicStory as a homework’s tool. It’s up to you!

Thanks to the special design of our Teachers Interface; it is possible to use MusicStory in those 2 different ways according on the situation of each school and the wish of each teacher.

In any case, you will find in MusicStory a fantastic partner.


MusicStory is a product of Ariodante Media Ltd      

Copyright @Ariodante Media Ltd

Use us as a tool in the classroom?

MusicStory can be use in the classroom if each kid can have access to a mobile device working under iOS or Android. (provide by the school or just using their own ones)

In this way it’s up to the teacher to become a kind of conductor to make kids play and interact each other in order to make the music lesson one of the funniest and pleasant lessons in school.

As a teacher you will be able to make all the kids play a game and train and then challenge them in order to push them even more to master each subject.

Then of course, you can use MusicStory as a homework’s tool too (we really recommend to do it.)

Use us as a homework's tool?

You can also use MusicStory to make a lesson in your classroom and then ask to continue your lesson by playing MusicStory at home using their own mobile devices.

In this configuration you will be able to plug your tablet on your classroom screen and transform it into a digital blackboard where you will be able to show everything.

MusicStory will give you access to a tutorial of many games so you can use them in your classroom even if kids are not using MusicStory in that moment.

Then they will practice at home and you will be able to follow their progress individually and know if they are doing it in a successful way.

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