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MusicStory The Instruments Module
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It’s now time to play

With this funny module you will be able to play different instruments so you can choose those you like more.

Discover the history of those musical instruments, learn their evolution and build them to understand how they work and how they produce the sound. Then finally play them on your smartphone or tablet.

Now all the songs we learn to sing in the Singing Module you will be able to play them here in many instruments and of course, play with your friends and challenge them in a musical contest.

Module Overview

Final Goal:

            Learn how instruments are made, their history, how they work and the orchestra

Interaction with:

            Ear Training game

         How it Works game

         History Time Line

         The Conductor


Special level:-

Particular Options:

            Play different instruments

        Challenge other players

Musical skills:

            Understanding how sound is produce, families instruments

General skills:

            History, construction, objects associations, dexterity

Learn all about the instruments and discover the main ones. Build them and play them.

With THE INSTRUMENTS MODULE each player will have a virtual initiation to the main instruments and learn all about them with the LVA Soloists.

Designed in partnership with the LVA Chamber Orchestra, THE INSTRUMENTS allow students to know more about the musical instruments. For some this will be the beginning of a real passion.