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MusicStory An Orchestra as a teacher
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What about having a real high level professional orchestra as a teacher?

Ariodante Media Ltd and the London Virtuosi Academy Chamber Orchestra (LVA) join their forces 1 year ago to create the World’s First E-Learning Music Gaming Platform: MusicStory.

So now, we want to go even further with our Music Education Ambition and this is why we are working on a Live Educational Program with the LVA to bring the orchestra finest artists to schools by promoting the LVA Educational Program.


MusicStory is a product of Ariodante Media Ltd      

Copyright @Ariodante Media Ltd

An orchestra as a teacher

The London Virtuosi Academy (LVA) was established by its  founder, Ricardo Araújo, in response to two orchestral questions:

  1. -How can the modern orchestra create a professional career path for the most talented young players, and

  2. -How can the modern orchestra actively involve its audience in an understanding and appreciation of 21st C. music

The LVA combines these two broadly educational purposes through innovative approaches to its own membership and the accessibility of its concerts and recording work through a uniquely imaginative use of traditional and new media to present the work of living composers in the context of their predecessors from earlier centuries.

The creative blend of old and new, and youth and experience, makes the LVA a very special and exciting new orchestra.

MusicStory and the London Virtuosi Academy

Never before a professional orchestra has been involved in a such close partnership with children’s music education.

By combining the great talent of LVA members, their unique educational skills and experience with a Hi-Tech innovating company the second video game has been developed.

MusicStory not only bring to every single school the passion and knowledge of the great musicians but also the opportunity for students and their families to assist through the Internet to the LVA concerts with a special interface designed for this purpose.

A special concert package has been created allowing schools to access the world of a high level professional orchestra.

LVA Educational program

With MusicStory schools can also become part of the Education Program of the LVA and establish even closer partnership with the orchestra.

Each year the LVA will work closely with school teachers (history, geography, literature etc) to prepare their students for the orchestra concert programs.

Some musicians will come to meet the children, the LVA will invite them to some rehearsals and, finally the concert will be available to the students and their families.

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