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MusicStory is a product of Ariodante Media Ltd      

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MusicStory A very affordable solution
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You will be surprise to

Just follow the arrows at the bottom of each page or use the left menu.

At the end, we invite to visit the MusicStory’s BackStage with some interesting things about us and..... to play some puzzles games with us.


Pay only what you really need?

Why making so many efforts into making a best spoken special schools platform if we don't also create a best spoken commercial approach so schools can only pay what they really need. 

When purchasing a 1 year license of MusicStory for your school you will only pay according of the number of pupils you have and we will offer you some extra user codes so you can give them to your new students if some join your school in during the year. 

All the music teachers will of course have also a free access. 

Then, after one year, when you will choose to renew your school license we will not ask you again to pay us to "build again your platform" as it is already ready. This means a 30% savings on the prize of your yearly license. 



£ 4.40

£ 3.50

£ 2.85

£ 2.50

(150 students = £ 660)

(300 students = £ 1050)

(400 students = £ 1140)

(500 students = £ 1250)

(1500 students = £ 3750)

From 50 to 199 students

From 200 to 349 students

From 350 to 449 students

From 500 and over students

From 50 to 199 students

From 200 to 349 students

From 350 to 449 students

From 500 and over students

(150 students = £ 405)

(300 students = £ 660)

(400 students = £ 720)

(500 students = £ 750)

(1500 students = £ 2250)

£ 2.70

£ 2.20

£ 1.80

£ 1.50

Number of students         Price per Student            Example

Number of students         Price per Student            Example

MusicStory intend to be a real partner with all the schools who trust us and use our innovative E-Learning Platform. This is why we create a full catalog of services thought to help you use all the potential of MusicStory but also to solve all the problems your teachers could face. 

To know more about all our services, please contact us today and we will show you all what we can offer you.  

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