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MusicStory The Special Schools Platform

MusicStory is a product of Ariodante Media Ltd      

Copyright @Ariodante Media Ltd

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We designed a special platform for schools because primary and secondary schools have different needs than individuals and even private music teachers.

With this Special Platform each school will have a bespoken tool working in a “close environment” by providing access only for the school for the safety of the children.

This Special Schools Platform is conceived to help teachers to make the best music lessons ever (even if a school doesn’t have a proper music teacher) by using Analytics to help them understand the difficulties of their pupils and follow their progress.

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How to improve the learning process in schools?

This was the first questions we ask to ourselves when we start thinking about MusicStory.

We spoke with many teachers in different countries to have a better understanding of their needs and most of all of the problems they face in a classroom and, with all this and all the help of many of them we create this Special Schools Platform so we can give to schools something we are proud of. 

Kids safety comes first!

For us, nothing is more important than kids safety and this is the reason why we decide to build our platform a close environment.

Each school have a special code who close the access to the platform so only the students and the teachers of this school can have access. No one can change this and once we deliver MusicStory to a school, each user is already register and no one can add a new one (only if the Head Teacher ask us directly to add users).

Teachers Interface

In our Special Schools Platform we’ve create an easy to use interface for teachers so they will have some really useful and great tools. We will explain you that in a minute.

The LAV-Educational Program

Having an app can be use to teach in a classroom, but having a whole E-Learning Platform who works WITH a professional high level orchestra is even better.

Because we work together, MusicStory want to give all the schools who trust us and use our solution to have access to all the EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM of the London Virtuosi Academy Chamber Orchestra. A living orchestra with amazing musicians to meet and share their passion with all the kids.

But enough bla bla bla!

Come with us and we will show you how it works.