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MusicStory The Singing Module
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Module Overview

Final Goal:

             Learn to sing in tune, develop the voice and the faculty of singing with other voices

Interaction with:

             Reading Notes module

             Rhythm module

Ears Training


Special level:


Particular Options:

            Challenge other players

Play with others players

Musical skills:

             Ear training, vocal skills, polyphonic singing (and listening), be in tune, harmony.

General skills:

            Concentration, memory, ears, breath.

Stop singing under the shower and start singing on a stage!

Yes, this is where you going to be when you will master all this great module.

Forget about all those apps or videos who pretend to teach you how to sing in 10 minutes. Forget also those Karaokes where you can sing in a really bad way. With MusicStory you will really will learn how to sing and you will do it in a good way.

Once you will unlock this module by mastering a part of the EARS TRAINING MODULE the MAESTRO will teach you how to sing by giving you several exercises design as games to teach you how to breath, how to position your voice and how to reach the notes you already know how to read.

After singing some melodies you will start singing with an accompaniment and later with the KARAOKE we’ve specially designed for MusicStory.

An amazing huge game where you can sing many songs of your favorite artists while your smartphone or your tablet will correct you and teach you how to sing each song.

And after this..... you will certainly become a good singer so, why not sign with a mayor and start selling the tickets for your next concert in the Madison Square Garden or the Wembley Stadium in London. Be sure, MusicStory will be there!

Singing is one of the main abilities for a musician and one of the best ways to learn music.

With this SINGING MODULE everyone will be able to start singing and have a lot of fun.

Learn how to sing in tune, sing simple melodies with or without accompaniment and even enjoy a full and special KARAOKE.

Designed as a “living” module, the SINGING MODULE is one of the main parts of MusicStory