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MusicStory is a product of Ariodante Media Ltd      

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MusicStory An unique teachers Interface
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As a teacher, the most important is to be able to understand our students.

This is why MusicStory create a special Interface accessible only for teachers to offer them many options to help them understand how each classroom is playing, identify kids problems in order to solve them and follow their progress.

Also, we include here some tools to use in a really great way the option PLAY WITH FRIENDS so, under the teachers supervision, the classroom can become an amazing and funny musical place.

Teachers tools?

With the MusicStory Teachers Interface you will be able to have many tools to help you during your lessons, to prepare them but also to understand better the problems your students can be facing and we will help you to solve them.

Yes, this is possible now and this is how.

We develop all the MusicStory E-Learning Platform with advanced ANALYTICS to be able to give to our players a real educational product who can understand their personal needs and really help them in an intelligent way.

Our teachers Interface use all this of course. The only difference is that here, the purpose is to analyze in real time how your students are playing and learning in order to give you, the teacher, a very useful feedback to be able to adapt your lessons to solve the problems your students can be facing.

MusicStory allow you also to transform your classroom into a playful space by giving you access to many games you can implement during your lessons where kids will not need to use their mobile devices. It’s a real musical experience and MusicStory, step by step will help you to do that according of what your lesson of the day.

With our option PLAY WITH FRIENDS, as a teacher you will be also able to start challenges in your classroom and also make kids play in a collective way with, for example with different instruments or for more advanced students, by singing in more than one voice.

But as you already know, the core of MusicStory is a fantastic History Game where the player become the main actor of the Music History and, by doing this, he learn while having fun and, in many occasions without even knowing he is learning.

The Teacher Interface will allow you to build your lessons in order to “build bridges” with other assignments like History, Geography, Literature, other Arts and even Science.

The last tool we want to present you today (not the last tool of your interface, be careful because we still have many surprises for you) is the interaction with the LVA Educational Program and the Comprehension Module.

As a teacher you will have a direct access to all the concert programs who will be broadcast on the Comprehension Module with a lot of details about this programs to help you prepare all your students and, in this way, allow them to have a better understanding of the concert so they can appreciate it more with their families.

Then after the concert you will be able to make a funny quiz with them and make this experience even more profitable for them.

Our mission is to help you and make you become the best teacher of your students life. This is why we’ve work to build this Special Teachers Interface.

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